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360D works with necessary stakeholders such as corporate organizations, Experts and individuals in advocating for good health and sex education, healthy enviroment, good personal hygiene, good moral values, safety and well-being of every child and youth. we organise workshops and trainings to create enlightenment and sensitization of vital issues relating to young people and the Society through practical and highly engaging programs such as Expert update trainings, movie watch, interviews of role models/special guest, and encourage the sharing of real life experiences to enable others learn from victims of different circumstances. We support the promotion of Good Personal Hygiene, Healthy Environment, Health Education, Sex Education and good Moral Values. We also support the unleashing of Potentials in young people who need guidance in discovery their personal goals by engaging them in Empowerment programs such as skill Acquisition and Mentorship programs so as to reduce immoral and despicable acts in the society. Our focus is 65% on the Girl child and 35% on Males in communities in Nigeria and around Africa, with the goal of effecting change at the community, local, state and federal levels


In 2013, Project 360 Degrees held its first program Titled “WHAT AM I?” in a church hall at 174 military barracks Ikorodu, Lagos with focus on Teenage pregnancy, Abortion and personal hygiene. There were over a hundred (100) participants present from various schools and religious centres in the community. Progressively in 2014 we received overwhelming acceptance as we held a discussion session whiles the emphasis was on Abortion. In 2015 we continued on the advocating the topic Teenage pregnancy, Abortion and personal hygiene with an exciting presentation from different speakers and a Special Guest Appearance “Music Artist” who gave a strong advice on building Self-confidence as a young person not just for the betterment of the society but Self Satisfaction. The program took a different form in 2016 where other topic of concerns for youths and young people were addressed “Unleashing Potentials” and Good Moral Values was addresses to build Self-confidence and Development. Guest Speakers and participates were interview on their opinions of on the various Topics. while youths were encouraged to take charge of their lives by taking responsibility to address their situations and take action to improve the Quality of their lives. 2017 the organisation gained its registration and incorporated 4 th July 2017. The organisation took a step further to support the youths in addition to sensitizing the youth, but also empower the youth. W.A.I conference 2017 organised a two-day program in Lagos with “Skill Acquisition on Day 1” and Health/Education Lecture on Day 2”. Please see event menu for more details. In 2018, the organisation repeated same program same program format as 2017, but with focus on a critical issue which we understood was trending and needed to be addressed “Depression and its Effect on Youths” (A Global Health Challenge) and “Substance & Abuse” in Edo state. Please see event menu for more details. For sustainability and ensuring the message is well addressed we continued in 2019 with same topic “Depression” and in other to reach a wider audience the organisation decided to use the social media platform to drive the message and also organised a webinar program and we received participants from other part of Africa such as Kenya. The organisation will continue to drive and address critical matter that affect young people and youth on a case by case at different times to support the growth of a better society.


Research shows that young people especially the female gender are victims of circumstances relating to health and environment such as sexual molestation, teenage pregnancy, abortion, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, lack of good personal hygiene practices etc. This is a huge aspect of life which needs typical attention towards enhancing good living and eventual boost of the economy. According to the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), “Adolescent pregnancy is not just a health issue, but a development issue”. In view of this, we seek to implement interventions that address Health, Environmental and Moral Values amongst youths, all of which pose enormous challenges in our local communities. Often times the society, parents, governments and all that it’s made off is blamed for issues affecting its community, we have a role to play in addressing or correcting the issue as living being (humans) made up the society we live in and not non-living things such as trees. Therefore, accepting responsibilities life poses on us to better one’s life without violence or despicable act is a strong path in building a better and successful community. Our focus will be addressing these topics with high priority on critical matters trending at a given time.
The foundation drive at addressing issues around health, environment, Good moral values and Self-worth and Growth through empowerment programs, Experts presentations/trainings, counselling, interviews, sharing of real-life experience by volunteers in specific topics of concerns, practical hands on Training for young and people youths.


1. To enlighten and sensitize youth and young people on vital issue affecting the young people/youth through highly engaging programs such as Expert updates and Social Engagement.
2. To reduce the incident of preventable diseases by the promotion of Good personal Hygiene, Health Environment, Health and Sex Education.
3. To provide right firsthand information on the dangers of Teenage pregnancy/Abortion and promote Good Moral Values.
4. To help or support the less privilege.


To create awareness about critical issues affecting teens and youths, promote safe healthy living and support the unleashing of Potentials in young people.


To enable and encourage a better, safer and healthy communities for children, youths and families with great moral values .


Respect for people


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